Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:31 I apologise to all of my friends and family who became worried after reading my tweets and other blogging over the past few days. I was too. #

00:33 @mollydotcom tweeted: "It was a toss-turn kinda night..." I hear that sister! I am feeling a little calmer today. Still cold and tired, tho. #

00:38 @phinnia tweeted: "it's not a good sign when after two emails ... or is it?" I'd say better early than later! #

00:40 @mollydotcom tweeted: "anyone been watching "ashes to ashes" and if so, thoughts?" It rawks! #

00:43 @ndixon tweeted: "Elvis cameltoe" EEK! Ewwwww.... *washes eyes and branes with soap* ;-p #

17:49 Phew relief! Cat-allowing rental flat found. Not ground floor but that is okay (internal wide stairs) but otherwise absolutely perfect! :))) #

17:50 @phinnia tweeted: "NEKO! We do not EAT PLASTIC BAGS in this house." BUT MOM! CATZ EETS DEM! IZ DA ROOL! I IZ CATZ SO I EETS DEM! #

17:55 @kplawver tweeted: "... Brian (3) broke his arm yesterday ... might need surgery to fix it." EEP! *hugs* #

18:29 @phinnia #

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