Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

03:32 I have failed to sleep. Fumbled my sleep roll and failed to save vs. insomnia. I *am* tired and my eyes are squiffy. Brane needs off switch. #

03:44 @phinnia tweeted: "have defeated breaded chicken with the magic of almond meal." Sounds yummy! #

03:51 @phinnia is almond meal the same as ground almonds? If so, I have that! #

04:49 This cold is kicking my butt. Fever, aches, pain, cramps, sore throat, bunged and painful sinuses, exhaustion with insomnia on top. Blargh:( #

04:51 To add to that, I think Pixel has caught my cold (or his own). He has been sneezing, coughing and huffing all day and night. Poor kitteh! :( #

04:51 @phinnia I am going to have to try that! #

10:40 Damn. Overslept. #

18:10 On train home after viewing a house. Tired and hungry. #

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