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words_spoken tasked me with giving you a short biography of my life in 1989 (in this FO post). One single year out of the last forty, with my memory - a tall order, maybe, but I *can* remember at least some of what I was doing that year and so here goes:

(note form I am afraid - I may try to elaborate later)
  • MSc Information Technology at Kingston Polytechnic (the three year BSc course done in six months and then a six months 'industry' placement at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington leading to my project on 'Human Computer Interfaces (HCI)' based on the mac OS (1!!!) and the Xerox Parc UI).
  • Living in a baaad house-share (the people not the house) in Heston, Middlesex (pretty long commute by bus and train).
  • Trampolining and cycling a lot.
  • Ill/sleeping a lot (good old undiagnosed MonSter).
  • Depressed as ever about being ill and always being tired and so on.
  • Single.

If you want to write your one year bio then comment and leave me the year you were born.
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