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I give up (trying to sleep, that is)...

I tried knitting. I tried reading (paper/book). Listening to music on my iPod. Meditating. Thinking. Lather, rinse and repeat. I am still awake. So, now I am listening to the iPod and spodding - rotating photos in flickr, reading LJ, reading feeds and writing in my LJ - all from my iBook on the bed. Today is officially a write-off.

Am I the only one that has a running commentary in their mind? A narration of the here and now - a constant autobiography? I strongly begrudge that I cannot take a video / movie / sequence of stills of everything I see, automatically through my eyes and record my thoughts constantly as an autobiography. If I could, I might remember it or at least be able to replay it. I might also have more to leave behind. I find the thought that all of the thousands of photographs that I have taken and thoughts that I have had will likely die with me. One day. When I do.
Tags: deep thoughts, insomnia, sick

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