Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

09:14 @kplawver that LJ entry you linked to? "The requested URL /659165.html. was not found on this server." ... #

09:15 @kplawver Oops - was just coz of the trailing '.' #

09:19 #

09:25 Chewing own cheek iz not nutrishius. Also it HURTZ! More if do it six or seven times in as many minutes & include lip and tongue! :( #

09:39 The coldsores are breeding... #

11:01 Can anyone tell me the leet foo mac OSX juju needed to change the default app that a file extension always opens with not only for one file? #

11:04 Open with... Other Always only works for that one file, it seems, unlike windoze. Wometimes windoze works more intuitively IMHO and IME...:) #

11:04 (Sometimes, that is) #

11:45 Time for brunch. #

12:56 It seems nobody can lend me the leet foo mac OSX skilz juju. Will wait for LoudTwitter and my livejournal readership to help out. ;-p #

13:06 Amazing stairs #

14:30 Needs a nap. Branes hurtz. #

18:04 Woken by Smudge an hour or so ago but I refused to get up and reward her by feeding them early. Can has headache again. That can has lose... #

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