Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Call for hats!

Reposted with permission from lefresne:

Edited to add: her favorite colors are pink and red. I don't know about favorite characters, yet I just emailed her dad.

Hey, a friend's daughter has leukemia. She's 11 and just shaved her head (her hair had started coming out in clumps) and it is winter here. If anyone is so inclined to send cool hats --knitted, homemade, from a store etc--and other small gifts I will make a card with each contributor's name.

(reply with your email addy or email me at natalief AT livejournal DOT com and I will email you her address details - all comments screened)

It would be a really good deed. She has a horrorshow of a mother and grandmother (really: they've told her to stop whining and commented on how they can't wait for her hair to grow back because...oh well you get the picture) and her father isn't allowed to visit her often because he's gay and her mother thinks somehow gay is catching.

ANYWAY...please do send something if you are so inclined. If you have any communities to pass this along to, please let me know.
Tags: knitting

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