Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Knitting freak!

As you may all have gathered from my twitter posts here, I am not the healthiest right now (damned IBS - come - MonSter - muscle - spasms and almost 20 hours per 24 asleep) but am still a knitting - nutter - Natalie. I have finished my socks (but still not blocked them or photographed them) and am just about to finish the first sleeve of hubby's pullover (having already done the front and back) and so all I have OMN (on my needles) is that pullover - another sleeve and then stitching it all together and knitting the neckband.

What I may not have written about (apart from on Twitter) is all of the great knitting meet-ups I have attended recently!

One Sunday recently, I met up wit a woman who I had met on the Billingshurst community website forums. We met in a cafe in the village and nattered for a couple of hours. Not much knitting but loads of getting to know and a great time out of the flat.

A few evenings later I was in Arundel for the Clack & Yak meet which is every first and third Thursday and was great fun! I was by no means the eldest but at least one other was younger than I (and was taught to purl that evening having only known how to knit previously). I got there a bit early and was worried by the venue (a pretty expensive French restaurant) but need not have been.

The next day I was in Horsham at the Station Beefeater at 11 am for the inaugural meet-up of the Ravelry West Sussex knitters group (second Friday of the Month) which was great - a much less geek-challenged, more laid back and younger average age group than the Arundel group and we a load of fun. We chatted and nattered over food and knitting for many more hours than we had realised!

All three groups were enjoyable and well worth attending. I am not sure if the local lady would like to come to the Arundel meets or not - or whether we will arrange another BilliStitch just for two but I know that she works during the day and so can sadly not make it to the fun Ravelry meet.

So! Knitting1-ho!

1 well as crochet, spinning and other yarn-crafts, of course!
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