Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Further friends-groups/memes

Further to my post yesterday about memes and a friends-group, at least one of you voted "Other - other opinions? please comment if so." but did not leave a comment and so I do not know what you mean me to do - whether you want to be added to the memes group or not!

To clarify, if you voted the following, you WILL be added to the group that will see memes:

  • YES - please add me to the group so that I can see memes.
  • Just make memes public so that non-LJ-ers and feed readers can see them.
  • Who cares?

... and if you voted the following you will NOT see memes:

  • NO - do NOT let me see memes.

If you voted the following, I will only add you to the group if your comment suggests that you would like to see memes:

  • Other - other opinions? please comment if so.

Feel free to change your vote by re-taking the poll (or taking it for the first time)!

N.B. Seeing memes will be, from now on, an OPT-IN choice. Enough of you hate memes that I decided this was necessary.
Tags: memes

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