Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


I have had a pretty ugh day with pain and various other TMI stuff. Almost definitely something that I ate - most likely red peppers and/or spring onions in a stir-fry which was very yummy but I have not been well since. The Immodium does seem to be doing its job now, though.

The good news is that I am meeting up with the one other person that expressed interest on the village community website's forums (so far) for coffee/tea/etc., chat and yarncrafts (knitting/crochet/etc.) at a local café/eaterie in the village tomorrow afternoon.

I only hope that I am feeling okay tomorrow...

As I was organising this (and had previously found a twice-monthly meetup called 'Clack & Yak' in Arundel), I also came across a meetup via Ravelry at the Station Beefeater in Horsham! How convenient is that! I don't yet know how frequent that meetup will be, Gosh! Choices, or no choices and go to all! ;-p
Tags: food, ibs, knitting

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