Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

OSX internals skilz needed

My demo copy of Pathfinder has just expired and I cannot afford to buy a license right now. Unfortunately, there is something deep in the Finder's internals that it has changed and I don't know how to change it back with out a running copy of PathFinder.

In PathFinder there was a preferences option to not display the Finder's desktop (e.g. all of the files on the desktop as icons) which was either set by default or I had set it. Now that I am no longer running PathFinder (which I miss, by the way), I can still not see any of the files in Finder's Desktop folder as icons *on* the screen desktop. It is not a fatal flaw because I can still look in that folder in a Finder window, but I think that it is a bit weird that I cannot access that internal setting anywhere except through the PathFinder Preferences window.

So, does anyone know any OSX/BSD/*nix command-line-foo that would enable me to set or unset the setting and enable the Desktop contents to be displayed again? Are there any funky online references for such OSX internals secrets? Does OSX have some kind of windoze-like-registry? Is there a BSD-like file somewhere that I need to edit?

Help! ;-p
Tags: bsd, desktop, finder, osx, pathfinder

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