Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

11:08 Awake byt dreading making certain phone calls. Bad enough that I hate talking on the phone because I forget what to say and what was said... #

11:11 @Vivdora We don't / didn't watch ER. sorry... #

11:51 @mollydotcom Happy Birthday! #

11:52 @Vivdora Glad you got the pattern sorted. I used to love ER... #

12:18 I HATE the telephone! I THINK I wrote everything down. Would not go any slower for me to make notes. Seemed in hurry to get off phone. Bah!! #

12:46 Decision made: Not much food in house so decide to walk to village/Budgens. Need to go to library, anyway. Not currently raining at least... #

16:23 That sucks. None of today's tweets via SMS gpt tp twitter. :(( #

16:40 Writes blog entry containing the SMSs that I sent to the old number for Twitter while I was out today. Bah! :( #

17:05 My sms tweety twitterings that never got to twitter from earlier today can be found at #

17:06 /me updates @twhirl but it loses my selected colour scheme. Bah. #

17:07 also, @twhirl is missing at least twi of my tweets from #

17:09 Ah - that is better - resetting colour settings and restarting @twhirl helps it to find all of my timeline. #

17:09 Ugh - nap time. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz #

18:39 Spring onions hidden in the salad with my lunchtime baked potato have prevented sleep. Ah well. Time to feed cats, I guess... #

18:51 @regularjen nice leyboard but I use my mouse L handed does it come sans mouse or with L handed mouse? *surfs to see* #

19:00 Apart from the yarn gods liking me, life pretty much sucks right now. Maybe I should not have even spent the £10 on lunch and yarn today.... #

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