Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

08:14 Awake kinda. Being screamed at by Pixel. Nothing new there, then! #

09:17 Going back to bed for a while. #

13:51 mmmmm peanut butter on cfgf muffins #

13:55 @ndixon updating PS does not download ep 3 in iTunes for me. :( #

15:56 @ndixon oops - i misread your steracle ;-p #

15:57 Switching between sweater knitting, sock kitting and teddy bear crocheting calms the ADD restlessness sufficiently. ;-p #

16:00 "@ndixon: Steracle: PersistentSpirit in iTunes ( )" misread as "@ndixon: Steracle: PersistentSpirit 3 in iTunes" #

18:04 Have finally wrapped a parcel to send to an old friend. Will try to post it tomorrow... #

18:06 @kplawver have fun with Labyrinth. One of my fave films of all time > Princes Bride! I love the soundtrack, too. #

18:07 Wonders why growl notofication of iTunes tracks have disappeared. iTunes is not in growl settings any more. Not got last iTunes so not that. #

18:11 @Vivdora My cats are more into chasing the end of my needles than the yarn/wool. So atypical of them! ;-p #

18:13 @ndixon My ealier tweet stands. Chapter 3 does not get sucked into iTunes. #

18:15 I must have been being prescient. Nothing new there... #

18:18 CHapter 3 of Table Rappers: Persistent Spirit ( ) finally gets sucked into iTunes! YAY! #

18:18 @ndixon now I know. ;-p #

18:20 @Twhirl shows no faves but Favourites in dropdown shows some (that I have already deleted). #

18:23 @ndixon ;-p #

21:12 Retweeting @ndixon: Steracle: A little bitty gift ( ) -> " Sorry, I did not find anything matching you sear ... #

21:15 Have just watched documentary on Five about Alison Lapper. Amazing woman. Normal woman. Reminds me of my best mate Emma. True of her too. :) #

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