Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:06 Been sleeping a lot today. And knitting. Wish Ravelry was not as closed off as FaceBook then I could show you what I've been up to! #

00:09 Discovers that Smudge has YET AGAIN tried to peel the covering off my gel wristrest. Regluing helps but I feel a need for tubigrip & sewing. #

00:11 Clicking slightly too fast on the @Snitter scrollbar uparrow sometimes gives focus to the application underneath. Unpredictable. Repeatable. #

09:52 Gah. Was woken by Smudge (Smudged!?) at 05:50 and so am very sleepy again now. Have crocheted more teddy bear and read some LJ. Nap time...! #

18:01 @kplawver Thanks for the warning! *decides not to upgrade iTunes* #

18:14 Gives up on self and on trying to be diurnal. Slept fine all night then had an eight hour 'nap' as well, today! :( #

18:16 Being in hibernation mode (so it seems) makes daytime appointments (like tomorrow, for example) tricky to attend. Odds on I cancel it again? #

20:06 I actually think that this might be a migraine. So rare these days that I don't consider them a possible option for diagnosis. #

22:19 Co-codamol kept me alive and awake enough to watch Torchwood which was *ACE*! Knitting but may sleep AGAIN soon. Try to be awake tomorrow... #

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