Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Tweety twittering tweets...

I try not to tweet too much on Twitter at night while hubby is asleep (he gets my and some of his other Twitter friends' Twitter twitterings as SMS notifications on his iPhone which is beside his bed because he uses it as an alarm clock) and so maybe I should twitter away here to you guys instead.

I had just wanted to tweet to this effect:
"Eating ice is helping a little with the 'molten death' effect referred to earlier. Definitely not going to make counselling but will need to be awake to phone them, I guess..."

Yeah, okay, that is likely to be more than 140 characters long (the limit for a Twitter tweet) and so I would have had to scrimp on chars a bit somewhere - I guess that this is another advantage to using LiveJournal instead - no character limit (that I have ever come up against, anyway)!

So, yes, I am still ill. Feverish, achy, headachy and with sinus pain. GAH! 'Tis the season, I guess, but I hate that the MonSter means that I get things like this worse and for longer - hubby was only off work for one day with this.

I just need to decide whether to stay awake until the morning to make that call (but that would mean being awake for another six hours) or sleep soon and hope to wake up early enough to make the call. The latter is more sensible, I guess, when I am not well, but I slept most of the day and so am wide awake. I have taken my 'evening' meds and done my jab (a few hours ago). I think that I will just have to see how the night goes. At least I am getting podcasts listened to, feeds and LJ read (slowly) and knitting done (a pullover for hubby)...
Tags: ill, twitter

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