Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Let's see...

I am still not seeing properly, am therefore wobbly but have eaten well (hubs is a great cook) and should sleep now so that I can see how I feel at 06:30 and decide whether I can drive to Chichester or not and then make a call canceling/postponing my appointment if I can't. So, even if I am not able to make it to the hospital, I still need to wake at the same time as I would have had to and will have to stay awake until the phones open there to take my message. I will also drop my neuro an email, if I cannot make it. If I can make it, I have the use of the car and can go window-shopping and to the local library...

ETA: Doing my harpoon/injection/jab/Copaxone in my left hip with shaking hands is tricky, even using the Autoject®2 but I managed. Thank the FSM for plenty of blubber on my hips!
Tags: chichester, hospital, library, neuro, sick

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