Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

11:32 Am awake and pretty shattered so I should hopefully sleep well and at night tonight. I can but hope. #

11:36 @Vivdora ;-p #

12:23 SO sleepy. Trying to keep awake without provigil/modafinil so that I am not also awake all night. Room is spinny and sinus- head- ache... #

12:24 I hope I can drive tomorrow... #

12:47 must. not. nap... #

14:15 Gives up and naps. Hopes it will only be a short nap... #

16:41 Great. Now seeing double coz eyes refuse to work together. Hope they do tomorrow. #

17:03 Ugh. So. Awake again and finally able to force my eyes to work together. Tiring, though... #

17:13 I could sleep for at least a week. My eyes do not want to work together or stay open. Struggling to force them to... #

17:44 Just had an SMS from orange offering me a free upgrade phone. Offer closes 9th Jan. TOMORROW! Gah... #

17:50 Thx for all PMs about the offer not being from orange really! ;-p #

18:03 feverish and nauseous too. sods law for tomorrow. #

18:13 Will knit and/or crochet for a while to try to stay awake... #

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