Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Oops! Still awake!

I am still wide awake! Tomorrow I need to be up at about 06:30 am to get to an appointment with my MS neurologist (St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester) and so I will have to try to make sure that I have a more 'normal' night's sleep tonight.

Then again, I think that I have a cold/bug. My sinuses feel as though they are on fire, I am coughing, bunged up nasally and aching all over. I am also running a low-grade fever.

I am supposed to be driving myself there and so I will have to sleep a bit this morning, try to be awake this afternoon and attempt to sleep tonight before dosing up on pseudo-ephadrine and ibuprofen (Lemsip 12HR capsules) and maybe even cocodamol (codeine and paracetamol) in the morning. If all that works and I am able to have the car (so that hubs does not need to take time off work to drive me to the hospital) then I might even get to window-shop in Chichester.

NTS: investigate hospital car transport and/or local community transport options for appointments like this in the future now we have only one car.

ETA: I HAVE to go to bed/sleep now. Once I finish my row...
Tags: insomnia, neuro

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