Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Sticky post: My journal, my boundaries!

This livejournal is my journal and so has boundaries. All of us need those to survive.

I used to have a really complex chunk of text here about agreements and truces. That did not work.

Now I will just start by saying that this is my journal, for me to write what I want to write. Within the law, of course.

I am, from now on, locking natf right down.

My livejournal defined:
  • I see this space as 'a paper journal with a keyboard'. I find a keyboard easier to use than a pen.

  • I do not post here because I want help. I post to share my life with people who care about and/or are interested in my life. Period.

  • This livejournal is also a way that I can write how I am *once* rather than telling N people how I am N times (and forgetting who I have remembered to tell what). That is why why I don't just make all of my posts private. Yes, I have considered it.

natf is no longer merely 'friends'-only.Rather than merely deleting the journal and/or making it all private, it is now *way* beyond 'friends'-only.
  • Some posts may be public - some of which will have comments disabled.

  • Some posts will only be visible to my LJ 'friends' and some to only a subset of those 'friends' - those that really *are* and 'get' these boundaries.

My commitments are:
  • I will learn to set the privacy options for my posts to all of my livejournals more appropriately.

  • When I want help I will ask for help. I will try to remember to word questions that I view as rhetorical so that they are not mis-interpretable as questions or requests for help.

As my Grandpa used to say (at least, I think it was he):
"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!"
That is the core moral of the old Truce and how I would like to operate this livejournal from now on.

All I ask of you:
Please, if you cannot be caring or supportive in a comment and/or don't just want to say "*hugs*", "LY. MI." or something similar, then:
  • Either say "I have read this and am here if you need me,"

  • Or something similar,

  • Or say nothing at all.

I no longer want to have to fight against my logic/emotions/ghosts, my friends and other people that I respect as I try to defend my opinions, feelings and beliefs - of which we are all entitled to our own.

There is no such thing as a WRONG opinion, belief, feeling or situation. Merely a DIFFERENT one.

Like me or lump me. Please don't try to change me.

PLEASE: What is said in my livejournal stays in my livejournal.

N.B. PLEASE sign your name to anonymous comments so that I know who is leaving comments! ;-p

Also, bear in mind that I screen anonymous comments and those from non-'friend' LJ accounts.

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