Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

My New Year's Eve

I have not blogged my New Year's Eve (and the reason for my current Spoons deficit) other than via Twitter and LoudTwitter, here.

As you can see in that entry, I decided very much on the spur of the moment to catch a train to Crawley. In the space of fifteen minutes I was washed, dressed and out of the flat and then I did just that - caught a train to Crawley!

Once there I browsed the shops in County Mall for a while and then wandered around the outside shops, e.g. M&S, and tried to visit the Yarn Shop that I remembered but that now seems to be a fabric and haberdashery ONLY shop. Ah well.

I then walked nearly all of the way to County Oak (apparently just over 1.6 miles) before hubby caught up to me in the car and picked me up for the last tiny stretch - they had all left work early and he had seen my Twitter about going and called me earlier!

We browsed around HobbyCraft (I had never been there - WOW! What an Alladin's Cave and potential bank account drain!) and I picked up a couple of knitting needles that I needed and then we went to Horsham to The Fabric Shop (SUCH a good store!) where I picked the brains of the sales staff about an alternative yarn for a pattern. We browsed yarn and so on (and I picked up another needle and some 100% cotton crochet yarn) and hubby became a bit more educated about yarn and stuff. I am trying to get the stuff together to knit him a pullover.

We stopped briefly at Subway so that I could eat (not really having done so that day apart from a tiny breakfast snack) and then, via a few more shops, we went to Tesco to do a grocery shop and then home.

Phew! No wonder I am pretty shattered! Then again, this does not take into account the trip to Brighton (and requisite long walk) the other day, either (I forget which day)!

Today? I am still in my pyjamas and have been back to bed once already. I have discovered that the amazing Scheeze is likely to be what it upsetting my guts and bloating my stomach. I cannot work out how/why - there is nothing in the ingredients that jumps out at me as a culprit, unless I am developing more and more intolerances as time goes by. I know that V has to avoid yeast and soy and my mum has worked out that yeast does not like her but, then again, my breads (from Tesco) all have yeast in and I am usually okay with Soy...

"Curiouser and curiouser!" said Alice.

I have started to knit my socks. I have about 1" of rib so far. I am so glad that I found the one-circular-needle method of knitting a small number of stitches (64 in this case) in the round so that I did not have to juggle DPNs! I only have four DPNs anyway and the pattern calls for five. They yarn is scrummy and the socks are going to be so pretty! I hope that I will be able to wear them, considering that they contain wool which my skin does not like much - maybe as bed-socks? ;-p
Tags: food intolerance, hobbycraft, knitting, spoons, walking, yarn

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