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Bleurgh blargh...

So, I am awake. I slept for about five hours but my bladder woke me before my intestines decided to keep me awake and not let me go straight back to sleep. I think that I should just give up eating but then I realise that my stomach and intestines are now (having been totally T.M.I. and OUCH!) trying to tell me that I am hungry and remind me that I only ate one meal 'yesterday'. So, I eat some food and drink a load of water and now, beginning to feel sleepy again, my intestines and stomach are expressing some opinion or other (that I cannot decipher) and hell bent on keeping me awake.

Time to knit and listen to podcasts some more, I guess, before feeding the cats (and needing to stay awake long enough to do so)...
Tags: food, guts, sleep

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