Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

00:50 Knitting and listening to more Cory Doctorow podcast back catalogue. Great stories and an damn good reader. Am up to Printcrime 9th Jan 2007 #

10:31 Wakes up. Tries to see is car is downstairs or whether am walking into village to know what to wear/carry... ;-p #

10:32 @phinnia *hugs* #

10:40 Can't see car so sorts out clothes and so on to walk. Village (but not town and yarn shop for pullover yarn) here I come! #

10:40 Once I am dressed and have had breakfast, of course... ;-p #

12:27 Walked into village. Got prescriptions. Eating brunch. #

12:30 Is good to get out. Is also not as cold as it looks. Got more blanket yarn but not pullover yarn. #

13:57 Home safe. Hot in here! ;-p #

13:58 @ndixon I want N810 too! ;-p #

16:23 bah - trying to post to LJ but it seems to be down #

16:24 I am on Ravelry now! ;-p #

16:24 natalief had already been taken :( #

20:28 Should have had a nap when I got home. Off to bed early. Feeling yuck, cold and in quite a bit of pain. May wake up and eat later - may not! #

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