Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

It's been a weird couple of weeks

So many issues bearing in on me from all sides; family, December, xmas, no light, even more weird sleep pattern than usual (sleeping four to six hours in every 36 or so and at random times, just 'when I feel tired'), knitting squares but not sure why. Granny used to and much of this yarn was hers - also mum knits squares and sews them into blankets - again I am not sure why she makes blankets (other than to donate to the charity shops/goodwill/thrift stores?) but it is something to do and I am actually getting a lot of podcasts listened to and a great deal of thinking done, sometimes productive and positive.

I have started to knit a blanket for my re-found friend's young'un - not the double-knitting one I had wanted to try because I cannot get my head around the calculations required but one actually based on this pattern from The Snuggles Project. I am, of course, therefore getting even less housework and artwork done than usual.

Speaking of calculations, the damned MonSter is brought to my mind. I am not thinking at all straight right now, my concentration is shot (I can only count ten stitches at a time on my needle before forgetting where I have counted to - I have found a work-around that works, though, and sometimes hubby counts stitches for me! ;-p) and it is really pissing me off that I have almost no memory at all and my counsellor will not let me record our sessions so that I can remember the steps forward that I make and then promptly forget before I leave the room! This could be the MonSter or merely depression caused by December and the MonSter.

I am also going through a phase (relapse/exacerbation?) of not doing very well at being vertical. I am okay when walking but lurch/topple if I stop or try to just stand for any length of time. This *does* sound like the MonSter to me and not like the vestibular migraines.

Blech. Blargh.

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Tags: counselling, knitting, memory, monster, ms

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