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NaBloPoMo 2007

Well, I did not win a prize, but I did blog every day in November and on only one day did I resort to using the LoudTwitter twitter blogging without making at least one other post (the 15th). I did enjoy taking part in NaBloPoMo and think that I will do it again next year. I may even try to combine NaBloPoMo with one of the other November "a month of..." pledges, e.g.;

- NaNoWriMo.
- A month of 'writing something' (fiction or non-fiction) more than 'merely' a diary post per day, be the 'something' a poem, an essay, a memoir or some fiction.
- A month of thanks.
- A month of a drawing a day.
- A month of a photo a day.
- A month of...

Has anyone got any other ideas or did anyone do something like this this November that I have forgotten?

Here are some "I did it!" badges that I have grabbed from the website and forums (with permission):

There are loads more on the NaBloPoMo website and the forums there, some big, some smaller.

NatalieFord's NaBloPoMo Profile Badge
My NaBloPoMo Profile
nablopomo badge with kitty saying IM IN UR BLOG READIN UR THOTS!!
Random NaBloPoMo Blog
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