Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


I thought that I would sign up for Technorati. I am not too sure what it is all about, yet (website rankings and searching, I think), but here is the link to my profile:

Technorati Profile

ETA: I cannot get this working. I cannot claim this LJ as my blog for some reason. No idea why...

ETA #2: I have just contacted them using their "contact us" link/form:
I have tried to claim my blog - a livejournal:
I have made a post to it as per the instructions, here:
However, it still says that I have no claimed blogs.
I have also tried to use Quick Claim but it did not work with my livejournal username (natalief) and password.

How can I claim my blog/livejournal? HELP! RSVP!

I am not holding my breath...
Tags: technorati

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