Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Today's todo/tada list

I got up at about 10 am which is not too bad - I went to bed at roughly 03:30. I have done some stuff and spodded and have more stuff to do:-

  • Send off four web enquiries about removals and storage for the living room redecoration.

  • Take cats to the vet for their annual booster injections/shots - 14:35 appointment.

  • Eat breakfast, taken meds, washed myself, dressed, etc.

  • Collect meds (filled repeat prescription) from pharmacy. deferred - waiting for new PPC card

  • Find my pedometer that seems to have gone missing. still missing

  • Make a new list of xmas gifts / people. still in my head

  • Apply for an (a specific) online job. started

We also did a few unscheduled things:

  • Grocery shopping in Sainsbury's - especially wfcf1 foods for xmas.

  • Grocery shopping in Tesco.

  • Bought hard-backed C4 envelopes.

  • Had lunch at Subway.

  • Got a new bedside lamp for hubs after visiting a LOT of shops and walking quite a bit.

1 wfcf = wheat-free and casein-free. I do not seem to have a problem with lactose in dairy but more the casein in dairy - I cannot eat anything made with *any* mammal's milk, not just cows and that is another indication that it is casein and not lactose that I have an intolerance to (lactose is not found in sheep's, goat's or other mammal's milk).
Tags: tada, todo

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