Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

01:37 raptor kitten #

01:40 @phinnia pigeons are less fearless and more brainless! ;-p #

01:51 @neilford thanksgiving, indeed! *gulp* #

01:58 giving up on tv and spodding in favour of more sleep... #

09:33 Brother's dogs are barking at the neighbour's dogs that are barking at my brothers dogs... #

09:34 Phew silence! Well, temporary peace, at least... #

11:33 wrote cards. went to walk dogs to postbox. no leads so walked round field. will post cards monday. #

12:51 "Dinner and bondage! Works for me." Name that quote... #

13:33 mmmmmm . Home-made veg soup with Sainbury's DFGF poppyseed bagels and DF cream 'cheese'. nom nom nom... #

13:50 knackered. nap maybe. first woke at 7 am today. #

14:03 yup - nap. #

16:04 @cazm mooooo?! ;-p #

18:03 I ache. All I did was walk once round the field... #

20:16 I wish that I had Kylie's body... #

20:42 Feeling ropey. Sam caught my face with a tooth earlier too. #

22:28 Sums it up; I feel ¢®@þ and the iBook dies on me. AGAIN! *looks for a penny to remove battery* #

23:02 okay - hubby's trick worked again this time with the iBook. #

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