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Slow living at my brother's

Life here is slower than at home. A slower computer (a G3 iBook instead of a dual G5 mac tower), a slower net connection ('up to' half a meg instead of 'up to' eight meg). There are about the same number of distractions, just different ones:
  • Sky TV here but not at home,

  • dogs here that need walking instead of cats at home that cuddle,

  • countryside, here, just a step away and living on the ground floor (a single floor bungalow) instead of a short walk away but down three flights of hard concrete and external stairs.

I like it at home because hubby, the cats and my things are there, but I love the freedom of movement that staying here (or my mum's or V&M's) gives me - ground floor front doors are much better for me, even with internal stairs. I also love staying this near to the countryside - something I also find in Rye Harbour.
It is so quiet here! More so, even, than RH! Also, almost no light pollution means that, if there are no clouds, I get a great view of the stars and moon.
It is hard to reconcile wanting to live somewhere like this with needing to be near hubby's customers, my doctors, mum, dad and so on. The ongoing and repetitive dilemma in this journal/blog.

ETA: ...although I must admit that I cannot wait to get home to my faster mac and net connection! ;-p
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