Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

08:37 Wow! I am awake before my brother and the dogs! COLD sunny day here... #

08:41 @mollydotcom *hugs* glad you are okay! #

08:41 @neilford *hugs* morning hubs! #

09:04 Sleepy again already. Hoping brother is okay in there. He needs to leave in 90 mins. Dogs are awake but not him... #

09:05 @JaneFoth is DDD anything like BadgerBadgerBadger (mushroom mushroom snake)? ;-p #

09:08 NTS: Copy files and bookmarks from mac to laptop when you get home. #

10:04 @sbisson I am and thank you! I will investigate! #

10:23 Headache. Taking co-codamol. Maybe a walk later will help - fresh air therapy. It is COLD out there though! #

11:34 My iBook froze, then powered itself down and now will not power back up. Looks like a long weekend of reading on paper and failing NaBl ... #

11:42 Okay. Tried all that for 5 mins. Will try 30. #

13:19 @neilford Thanks! CAN HAZ IBOOK! KTHXBAI. #

13:19 Off to walk the dogs! #

13:39 I need to sleep off this headache. The dogs may get a short walk later. I do feel bad for them though... #

16:40 I never did go for a walk with the dogs. Headache resigned me to bed instead. #

17:32 Left eye hurts. Like it wants to implode. Whilst on fire. Toss up between MS/ON and migraine... #

18:50 watching conviction season finale on fuve us +1 #

20:57 Spodding to NCIS - the good one where Gibbs gets injured. Seen before on sky. Dogs asleep, one on sofa, other on floor in front of fire. #

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