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[nablopomo] My day today was tiring

I have been so busy today! I am glad that I had a checklist so that I can remember what I did, though - I already cannot remember...

In no order related to the passage of time, this is the list of things I managed to tick off my to do list - my TaDa list, if you will:
  • made soup. This involved peeling and chopping a butternut squash (hard work - that 'skin' is more like wood!), potatoes, carrots and chopping courgette (zucchini) before cooking it into soup. That was pretty manual work for me - I usually spend so much time sitting and so doing things like that whilst stood up makes my lower back ache.

  • made custard and helped hubby make dinner. This is me that rarely does the cooking and less often does housework!

  • wrote a few postcards for postcardjunky replies, although I still have a load more to write.

  • planned more about what I need to do before the weekend and what I need to take. Lists, lists, lists, lists, lists!

That seems like a much shorter list than it *feels* like I did today. I am worn out!

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