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[nablopomo] Doing okay so far

20 days with at least one blog post (i.e. a public LJ entry - blogs are, by definition, public) per day (thanks, in part, to Twitter and LoudTwitter)! To be honest, as well, the more I have done NaBloPoMo, the more motivation I have had to do other things, as well. Today, despite this cold and feeling ¢®@þ…, I have:

  • Done three loads of laundry.

  • Washed up a *huge* pile (more than a sink-full!) of dishes, pots and so on.

  • Made two phone calls (which I hate to do) and arranged appointments in both cases.

  • Ordered a replacement for my prepaid prescription certificate/card by direct debit, online.

  • Scanned seven postcards that I had received from people on postcardjunky, resized them, uploaded them to flickr and made an Inbox post to postcardjunky.

  • Played some WoW

  • Spent some time playing with the trial versions of Corel Painter Essentials 4 Corel Painter X and my Wacom tablet. I am getting a lot better with the tablet!

  • Watched some TV

  • Read some of a book! On paper!

  • Read a lot of email, LJ, feeds and blogs.

  • Made another long-ish blog post (this one). I am really enjoying NaBloPoMo. I wish that I could blog for a living...

I did not get around to doing one more set of phone calls and appointment making that I had hoped to start, but that would have involved finding the numbers and making at least five calls - we need quotes for removals and storage for when they redecorate the living room - there is a *lot* of stuff in that room!

I think, though, that I can let myself off considering how much I *did* do! I need to try to remember that the more I get myself to try to do the more I manage to do. Ticking boxes on the todo list and so forming a 'tada' list seems to be some kind of chain reaction!

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