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[nablopomo] Another comment reposted

Once again, I have written a long comment that needs to be reposted here! ;-p

I have tripped over the fact that livejournal does not allow JavaScript a number of times in the past. Things like the Twitter and NaBloPoMo 'badges' will not display on our LiveJournals. There is an alternative non-JS badge for Twitter provided for free by some kind soul out of the kindness of his heart. There does not seem to be one, so far, for NaBloPoMo.

The other day (friends-only post) I helped sweetmeow by pointing her at the non-JS badge for Twitter which can be found here, at BunnyHeroLabs.

In this post lazscott mourned this inability for LJ to display the NaBloPoMo badge and so I replied with the following as a comment:

LJ does not allow embedded JavaScript badges, no. I made mine up by creating a graphic in photoshop from a screen-capture and then made the HTML up to go around it (them). To display mine:

NatalieFord's NaBloPoMo Profile Badge
My NaBloPoMo Profile
nablopomo badge with kitty saying IM IN UR BLOG READIN UR THOTS!!
Random NaBloPoMo Blog

...I use this hefty chunk of code:

<center><table align=center><tr align=center><td align=center width=50%><a href=""><img src="" alt="NatalieFord's NaBloPoMo Profile Badge"></a><br /><a href=""><em>My NaBloPoMo Profile</em></a></td><td align=center width=50%><a href=""><img src="" alt="nablopomo badge with kitty saying IM IN UR BLOG READIN UR THOTS!!"></a><br /><a href=""><em>Random NaBloPoMo Blog</em></a></td></tr></table></center></code></blockquote>

...where "" is the badge graphic that I created and am hosting on my own website.

I hope that helps! If you'd like, and you do not have your own web hosting, I could host a JPG for you on my site. I could even create it for you if you email me a screen capture (PrntScrn and paste into MSPaint or Photoshop, on windows, Apple+Shift+3 on mac OSX)!

I know that LJ have a (valid) security reason for refusing to let us embed JS in our journals but *surely* they could allow us to do so - there are few sites these days that do not allow JS...
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