Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[nablopomo] Long day

More about my day later, I hope.


Went to visit hubby's mum and dad and his sister and family. Quite a long drive (I already forget how long, though - three hours rings a bell) and tiring once we were at his sister's place (we have a niece and two nephews!) but it was well worth it and great fun.

We went for lunch with his parents first and then over to his sister's. I was a bog hit with the eldest two because I came bearing moo stickers and minicards for them to choose one to keep (in the case of the stickers I gave them a page of six each that they could choose). I also now have a new online/email penpal in the shape of my niece, the eldest, who is six.

We got home pretty knackered, hence my not being able to write about the day there and then. After a bit of TV I fell into bed!
Tags: nablopomo

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