Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Finally! (?)

I have had my LJ for over 5 years. 5½ to be exact. LJ/SixApart have FINALLY given us things that we have been asking for in suggestions for at least that long (well, definitely the first one - and perhaps two - in this news post):

Comment Editing and Private Messaging!!! Finally!!!

ETA: I have already had to use comment editing in my first reply below!

BUT: You can only edit a comment until someone replies to it. I can see why they do this (so that you can't say "I didn't say that - look!") but all other forums online allow editing always or not at all - none of this half-arsed maybe/maybe-not crap... :(((

My comment on paidmembers.

I now return you to your previously scheduled livejournal, natf and 'friends' page...
Tags: comments, livejournal, messaging, suggestions

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