Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[nablopomo] Before I lay me down to sleep

...I thought that I would bash out a blog post.

The boring:
04:37 to bed
10:04 woken by my cellphone ringing
17:43 to bed for a nap
19:30 woke up to feed cats

Yes, I keep a log of 'to bed' and 'wake up' times in my Palm. If I did not then I would have no structure in my mind of my day and I would remember even less of what I manage to do. Some of you may also remember the daily checklists that I use so that I remember what I must, should and could do each day, rather than merely spodding the hours away in front of the mac. Without my lists I would 'forget' to eat and sleep!

*checks google calendar for tomorrow*

Hubby will be at a client's in London tomorrow, if I remember rightly, and will be going by train and so I have the use of the car if I am up to it. I could do some of the remaining grocery shopping that I would need to go to Tesco for. I could go to the library. I could just stay at home and spod and/or sleep. I am actually pretty tired right now - lets see how long I end up persuading my body to be awake for tonight...! ;-p

Speaking of which, I actually fancy playing some World of Warcraft (WoW) tonight. Maybe. I have not done so since before I went to my brother's this last time. I am *so* glad not to be as addicted to it as I used to be - it used to be the first thing that I thought about when I woke up ("must check mail for gold from auctions!", "must get stuff together for tonight's guild end-game instance run!", "must go farm for gold to pay for the stuff I need for said instance run!" and so on and so on, let alone professions and leveling).

I much prefer low level leveling and farming with my highest levels to the whole end-game shebang that I used to be involved in. While I do miss some of the conversations and personalities from that, I do not miss the drama and (self-imposed) pressure at all! I am currently playing my first warlock and she is still in her 20s when the questing is still fun before it becomes a grind needing groups of players (hard to organise without a guild's backing) at about 35+.

Okay - I was not expecting to talk about WoW tonight but there we go - tonight's rambling stream of consciousness typing!

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