Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

01:26 Still awake. Made good use of being so by making today's (Monday's - it is still Sunday to me) NaBloPoMo post: #

01:29 Feature request for Snitter and Twitter: Show me all tweetss that my following make. I keep missing tweets! :( #

01:35 Twitter, Snitter, LoudTwitter and SMS are the saviours of NaBloPoMo for me those days when I am AFK or can't get to a keyboard, e.g. 3rd. :) #

03:35 Blogging more and reading feeds. Starting to feel sleepy again. Off to bed soon after jab. Have taken meds and had supper/snack. #

03:37 @phinnia I see your crack-addicted gnat and raise you a nocturnal, crack-addicted Nat with MS and maybe ADD + DSPS! ;-p *hugs* #

03:38 ...not that I really *am* crack-addicted, of course! ;-p #

04:38 Okay - finally off to bed... honest... #

10:34 Woken by phone ringing at 10 am. Five hours sleep / in bed is better than none, I guess. #

11:31 @neilford Indeed it is! Less political: ;-p #

15:09 Oh dear. I found another time-waster: a free online (Java) turn based fantasy strategy/battle game... #

20:13 Chilling out reading the archive for ... #

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