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[nablopomo] A rundown of my blogs and sites

I thought that I would make a post that had a bunch of links to my other blogs, online journals and websites. It may be a little un-wordy as a result, but is a step along my road of trying to combine all of my blogs and their content into one with tags.

My main blog is this one but is less a blog (public posts) and, as you can read at the top (see the top of the page at natf - the 'sticky' post), has had to become largely 'friends-only' which, in livejournal terms, means that only livejournal users that I have added to my 'friends' list (that I prefer to call my 'reading list') can read most of my posts. This has come about because I have had a lot of troll comments, spam comments and 'helpful' comments - people needing to help to fix me even if I have expressly stated that I am only posting as a vent and that I do not want or need any help.

I have a number of other livejournals, as follows:
natphotoblog is my old photo blog - a separate LJ login - logging in and out of different accounts got annoying.
nsf_photos serves as my new photo blog and is an LJ community that only I can join and/or post to so that I no longer have to log out of natf.
nsf_artwork is a similar LJ community that I use to post scans of my artwork.
nsf_writing - I rarely use this now but it is another LJ account (not community, unfortunately) that I have used to post writings to in the past - I rarely write to that LJ any more though.
natalieford - I snagged this account so that nobody else could have it - much like it is suggested that you snag all URLs (e.g. and .net) when buying a .com domain - I have and so wanted to preserve this LJ account in case I had a need for it in the future.
jadieh is an LJ community that I used to use to post my World of Warcraft 'blog' - Jadieh is the name of my first level 60 - a Night Elf Hunter that has changed servers more than once and now resides on the Dragonblight, UK server.

I am trying to find a way to import posts from these other LJs into this one. It may be that I need to copy/paste the entries one by one - unless anyone else knows of a better way to do it (from both LJ communities that I own and my other LJaccounts)?

I also have other websites, blogs and web presences, as follows:
My website.
My old coppermine photo galleries on my website.
My flickr which has replaced my use of coppermine on my website.
My twitter-ings / tweets on twitter.
My links page.
My (as yet unused) Etsy store.
My GreetingCardUniverse store.
My (as yet unused) ImageKind store.
My Vimeo videos.
My ScrapBlog page.
My FickLets.
My Blogspot account that I only use for commenting on others'.
My PostCrossing profile.
...and, of course, my NaBloPoMo profile.

So, in the absence of a blog post with real content, I bring you the above and add a quick question that I jotted on paper (and tweeted on twitter) last night:

Can anyone point me to somewhere that I can buy chewing gum without Aspartame in it? Aspartame crosses the blood-brain barrier and so is unwise for all of us and especially those of us with MS. I miss gum but no gum in the UK, these days, has sugar in it any more, or another less nasty sweetener like sorbitol or splenda...

I leave you with a quote that I have just read in a book:
Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news

It is just a pity that the MS makes me close to autistic-like when it comes to routines and things being in their right place. How to reconcile the two things...

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