Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

00:10 @cazm twitter is all greyscale for me... #

00:17 Able to install @snitter on my dual G5 but not my G3 iBook - AIRb2 won't install on latter. @snitter crashes a lot on the dG5. :( #

00:30 I changed one setting in @snitter and now it won't run even if I uninstall/reinstall on the dG5 - ah well... #

00:32 deleting the snitter.plist worked - @snitter now runs again. I will have to like icky green #

00:37 Yay - the @snitter 'high contrast' theme both works and has a high enough contrast that I can read it more easily. #

04:21 Weird - @LoudTweeter did not ship my tweets from yesterday to my livejournal for me at midnight! :( #

Automatically shipped from my twitter to natf by LoudTwitter.
Tags: loudtwitter, twitter

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