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[nablopomo] Today's blog post

NaBloPoMo is going to be quite tricky for me. Because I want the posts to be public, I would rather not post anything with recognisable names or events. I would, however, like to make these posts interesting and more than just my loudtwitter posts (which seems to have broken, today) or memes.

I did think that I might post some of my photos, artwork or writing. Much of it has already been posted elsewhere, but there seems to be nothing in the rules for NaBloPoMo about the posts having to be of a certain length or having to be new content. It does feel a little like cheating, however, having failed at NaNoWriMo in the past because I cannot always guarantee the time and inspiration to meet the word-count requirements of that challenge. NaBloPoMo does not seem to have *any* limits or requirements other than that you post to your blog (hence my posts needing to be public, i.e. not friends-locked or private) every day!

So, in theory, any of my posts today that are public could count towards NaBloPoMo for today! Too easy!

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