Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

01:31 Still awake. Again. I definitely have something like DSPD. Always been nocturnal. #

02:33 Off to bed. Alarm set for 10 am. #

03:56 "Can't sleep. Clowns'll eat me!" #

11:51 @alexdc re. unknowns adding on pownce: I get that with pownce, LJ and twitter and used to on orkut. Thank $deity I am not on FB or MS! #

11:52 @mollydotcom happy++ *hugs* ;-p #

11:54 still cannot get @snitter to install - the air install hangs my G3 ibook. #

11:55 I was up at 10 am this morning and so got to spend an hour with bro' b4 he left for work. Will be off home tomorrow. At least sunny today! #

12:21 Watching Dr Who. "The Idiot's Lantern." Not one I had seen. Really enjoying it! ;-p #

19:02 Went on a LONG walk (for me) with the dogs. Had a minor fall into mud and nettles at the start but the mud was a soft-ish landing. #

19:06 One finger joint with a small nettle sting / hips, lumbar back & knees that hate how much I weigh despite the soft mud... #

19:28 Much more minor injuries than falling to my knees on concrete! ;-p #

19:55 @cazm: hence why I am pleased that it was only soft clay-like mud today. I was not out for that long even on the two concrete falls... #

19:56 @cazm: one concrete fall had lino on it and the other had a thin carpet but all the same... *hugs* #

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