Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

The Friday Five

1. How long can you hold your breath?
No idea these days. I no longer try to swim underwater. Hey, I rarely go swimming these days - something that I want to change.

2. How long do you wait to cut your hair?
Until it is in my eyes or ears and so irritating me.

3. How long do you normally wait at the grocery?

Wuh? I am guessing that this is American for, "How long do you wait in the queue at the supermarket checkout?"
It surely depends on the length of the queue, how much the various customers have in their baskets and trollies and how inept the checkout staff-member is or is not.

4. How long can you sing a song without getting the lyrics wrong?

Well, that would depend on:
a) the song.
b) whether or not I was having a bad MS memory day.
c) if I was actually singing at all. I rarely sing aloud unless singing along with the radio, my iPod a podcast...

5. How long is the best relationship you've been in?
If by 'best' you mean 'longest', and even if you really do mean 'best', the answer to that is this current relationship. Hubby and I got together on the weekend that Princess Di died in September 1997. We married on April 9th 1999. We did separate for a while in 2001 but are definitely going strong now!
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