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Thank you to whoever it was that bought me a permanent account as an anonymous gift! I was only joking about that (OK, so I am not complaining either!)!!! WOW!!!

Now, apparently I can gift on the extra paid time that I have already paid (I only just paid for a new year in May) to someone else.

This tool will allow you to transfer any remaining paid time (currently 343.78 days) and extra userpics (currently 343.78 days) to any other non-permanent account.

If whoever bought my permanent account wants to own up in screened comments and has a paid account themselves and not permanent, they can have my remaining paid time. Alternatively, if you want to nominate someone to whom you would like the paid time to be donated because you already have a permanent account as well, please do!

Alternatively, if anyone would like me to consider donating my 11 months of paid account to them, or to nominate someone else, chime in now!

Again, THANK YOU!!!! to whoever is my LiveJournal guardian angel!

Thank you to nou for pointing me at the Paid Time Transfer page!
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