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PUBLIC: My request to you, my readers

My request to you, my readers:

Please do not friend me or ask to be added to my 'friends'-list if you cannot respect my rights with regards to how I use MY journal(s):

- my right to say/do what I want to say/do in my own livejournal(s).
That is, of course, every blogger's and livejournal user's right.

- my right to expect you to respect my post-filtering boundaries.
e.g. DO NOT comment on entry B about entry A in case entry A was a filtered entry or if entry A was under The Truce or had comments disabled - because then someone who was not meant to see entry A could find out about it.
If you do not know what post filtering and friends-groups are, can I suggest that you read the relevant page of the livejournal FAQ.

- my right to expect you to respect my use of comments-disabled posts.

- my right to trust you to not try to help me when I don't want any help.
This is when I don't want to talk about something and have either invoked The Truce or have disabled comments.

- my right to trust you to trust me to ask for help when I do want it.
When I have not disabled comments or invoked The Truce you can safely say that I am implicitly asking for (or, at least, not refusing) help, suggestions and comments.

- my right to be allowed to invoke The Truce at any time. saying, "I invoke The Truce" anywhere in an entry.

Please also bear in mind that, it should go without saying, you do not have an implicit 'right to reply' in MY journal(s).
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