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The Truce

The Truce
An agreement between me and my readers.

As much as I love and appreciate your messages and your loving and supportive thoughts, prayers and concerns, that is NOT why I post some of my entries. I post them to document my life for myself, my friends and my family who I may not see or speak to IRL very often. I sometimes post merely to vent or rant - to get something out of my system.

Sometimes I will disable comments. That will just mean that I don't want to talk about the subject matter in that entry and that I trust that you would not even email me about it or mention it anywhere else or to anyone else.

Please do not think that I don't treasure your words of support, but I am not posting these updates to fish for your sympathy. I know many of you don't know what to say in response to these posts. You don't need to say anything. It only makes me feel guilty for posting in the first place. Honestly. Sometimes I truly do not want any help.

How about we strike a truce? If you feel the need to respond, just send me one of the 'non-comments' below and I'll know you're there with me. Okay?

This truce has since been expanded to encompass any sad, miserable, whiney post that I might make.

Thank you for honoring the truce.

Oh yeah - those suggested 'non-comments'!
LY. MI. (= Love You. Mean It.)
"I hear you."
"I am here."

Based on and edited from The Truce drawn up by a friend.

N.B. This is a public entry and so I am hereby invoking The Truce!
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