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PUBLIC: Is being creative every day in May tempting?

I just found this linked to on the Everyday Matters discussion, by French Toast Girl:
Every Day in May
"Last year, I got this crazy idea that I would paint every day in May. And post the paintings (t)here on my blog. And invite others to do the same.

Here's how it works:
Commit to create something every day in the month of May. (Note: last year I did over 31 paintings. I felt really rushed. So this year, I will spend more than one day on a painting if I want to. You can do the same, or do 31 separate < strong >paintings</strong>, or take 31 < strong >photos</strong>, make < strong >collages</strong>, or < strong >write a page of your novel</strong> every day.)

They can be tiny.

They can be crap. :)

They can be about anything you want.

At the end of the month, a month that has a solid week of recitals and hours of driving time and packing up the kids to bring to my parents so the house can be perfectly quiet, I will have done 31 days of paintings. I may hate them all! I may have one I love, or I may think all of them are my best work yet. But I do know that I function better painting than when I'm NOT painting. And hopefully after all those paintings I will learn something new.

So...who wants to join me?

Graphics to link back and use for your own "Every Day" journey:

Feel free to join the Flickr group here: Every Day In May. Go! Share your stuff!"
I am tempted and have the possibilities open to me of drawing, sketching, painting, writing and taking photographs, depending on my health that day.

I thought, however, that I would throw this invitation open to all of you creatives that read or stumble across my journal (hence a public entry) because more of you might want to get involved!! I am sure, as well, that other creativity such as pottery, knitting or soft-toy making would be included...

I have subscribed livejournal to the flickr feed for that group at everydaymay, if that helps.

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