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PUBLIC: [meme] Phobias

I thought that I would post a meme having not done so for days.

You Are 0% Phobic

Wow, you're scared of very little. And you're always conquering new fears that come up.
Have you considered a career as a stunt double? You should at least go on one of those crazy reality shows where you eat bugs!

Well, I guess I *could* be a stunt double for someone who does not move much... ;-p

The only thing that, these days, I am close to phobic about is wasps. Evil things. It cannot be a true phobia, however, because it is rational and I can still catch one and put it outside. Sometimes. Wasps sting out of anger and out of malice. They can sting again and again. They also sting out of fear, however, a honeybee can only sting once and then will die and so will only sting out of fear as a last resort. I like honey bees and bumble bees but, then, I am not allergic to the stings...
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