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PUBLIC: Colour me paranoid... (edited)

1. I am going to make all of this livejournal friends-only**.
2. I will probably hold off for a day or so before I do.
3. All/most (I have not decided) entries from now on will be friends only.
4. If anyone is reading this and would like to be added as a 'friend' and so be able to read the locked posts, please reply to this entry.
5. You will need a livejournal account to be added as a 'friend' and to reply using that account.
6. The main reasons are explained in a comment below.

Technical stuff - only for technophiles:
I have added a sticky post to my journal (a feature of the style that I use) that you will probably only be able to see if you go to natf. For those of you that don't want to go there, here it is:

This journal is soon to be 'friends-only'

You will need to email me (the address is in my userinfo/profile) to be added to my 'friends' list. There may still be some public posts, as long as everyone agrees that some subjects should only be discussed behind closed doors and I reserve the right to delete comments that do not respect that.

The title and text of that sticky entry will change accordingly as and when I go friends-only.

BTW, can anyone remember how you can read a friends-only LJ via RSS? I know it can be done. I will have to search in the lj_nifty archives...

** I will use the new privacy editing feature of livejournal to change all existing/past 'public' posts to 'all-friends'.
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