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Checklists revisited

A while ago I wrote about my daily checklist of stuff that I need to do every day (MUST), would ideally do if I had the energy / was well enough (SHOULD) and would love to do if I felt like it (COULD).

Recently I started a Word document to this effect, took a pocket Moleskine cahier apart, printed the checklist once on each side of each page and then stitched the cahier back together. It has been working very well for me but I have been modifying the Word document since I started using it.

I will scan the one I am using at some point (maybe even with the ticks and scribbles!) but, for now, here is a screenshot of the word document as it stands, unprinted, on my harddrive:

A long checklist of things that I MUST, SHOULD and COULD do every day
A long checklist of things that I MUST, SHOULD and COULD do every day.

Even as I am posting this I can see something I want to change... ;-p
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