Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

My tweets

  • Thu, 12:48: RT @jacknicas: NEW: A network of 1,300 websites targeting small towns and cities across the U.S. is built not on traditional journalism, bu…
  • Thu, 12:50: RT @SpillerOfTea: Welcome to the UK. Isolated from the rest of the world because we don’t like foreign accents, scurvy addled and riddled…
  • Thu, 12:51: RT @38_degrees: Shropshire Council has given fox hunting groups a £50,000 grant meant to help struggling businesses during Covid-19. Sign n…
  • Thu, 12:52: RT @SadiqKhan: The PM has lied to the House of Commons. Before Covid I was fixing his mess at TfL- reducing the deficit by 71% since 2016.…
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