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[public] An eventful day

Bullet form post due to overdraft of spoons/daggers/swords. Some of it might be TMI so using a cut:

- Woke up naturally before my alarm and just before H arrived.

- (H is my carer/PA and a friend from Knit n Natter and from years ago ringing handbells and she has also taught me to spin.)

- Fell heavily in bathroom, after taking a shower, whilst trying to dry my foot and landed on my right elbow and right side, partially dislocating my right shoulder but 'luckily' my lose shoulder joints mean that it popped straight back in. Now the adrenaline is finally wearing off hours later (another thing my body is quite good at is the adrenaline pain reduction thing after an accident - probably after years of sports injuries), my right knee, the one I had previously dislocated 18 yrs ago trampolining, is sore as is my neck and back. I also split something 'down below' which bled but wearing a continence pad has its good side.

- Went to a GP appointment (H drove me) to see the practice's GYN specialist GP about my breakthrough bleeds. She is referring me to a full gynaecologist specialist because I mentioned that I had wanted a full hysterectomy for years but previous GPs would not refer me because I had not had kids and might change my mind later. *sigh* She agrees with me that the hysterrectomy is likely the best plan, especially considering my recent outage as aGendered. If they still refuse to do the op then she will replace my Mirena which I have had longer than the usual 5 year Mirena-life.

In other news I have changed to Nat S Ford on FaceBork but natford is already taken on LJ and so I will stay natalief on here. I am also trying to decide what to do about Ravelry and natalieford.com. I have registered natford.uk but may just use that for email. I have most of my doctors records as Mx Nat Ford now. I have not yet decided what to do about bank accounts and so on. Loads to think about.



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Jun. 15th, 2016 02:33 am (UTC)
Yay! I did check and I do not allow anonymous comments but you can use OpenID or be logged in to LJ and that is how I want it to stay.

The UK seems even more resistant to name changing as well. I think I need to change it by Deed Poll (a legal thing) before I can change it on my NI number (like SS in the US) and bank accounts. It was hard enough when I got married (Fricker to Ford) but my name is in so many more places these days than in 1999! I just need to think it all through and make lists (something I am much worse at these days) and then make the changes.
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