Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Daily Science Fiction :: "I miss the Before" by Robert Reed

But this day, this moment that I'm showing you, she's talking to me about death; what death means to her and how much she looks forward to it.
First of all, and I know you understand this at some level, but there is simply no such thing as Death.
Unless you believe in it.
Like the two of you.
Yes, she's explaining how she isn't religious; not like a lot of old people are.
There is no such thing as age.
And the woman adores the idea of death, about passing out of existence, about having no more thoughts or demands.
The same perfect nothingness she enjoyed before she was born.

To be perfectly honest, I am with the old woman. I dread eternity or an afterlife. Life is long enough. I am in no hurry to end life but don't fancy an endless eternity always the same, either.

Source: Daily Science Fiction :: I miss the Before by Robert Reed
Tags: daily science fiction, dsf, fiction, links

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